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  • 2017-11-13


講題:Destruction of Graves in the Islamic World: Genealogies of Iconoclasm
演講者:捷克科學學院亞非研究所所長Ondřej Beránek博士
Since its coming to power in June 2014, the organization Islamic State (ISIS, Daesh) has destroyed dozens of historical monuments in Iraqi and Syrian cities. Over the past decades virulent attacks have targeted architectural sites in various parts of the Islamic world. Many of the destroyed monuments share one commonality: they contained a grave on its premises. Rather than being random acts of vandalism, these are associated with the idea of performing one’s religious duty as attested to in the Salafi/Wahhabi tradition and texts. Graves, shrines and tombs are regarded by some Muslims as having the potential to tempt a believer to polytheism. Hence the duty to level the graves to the ground (taswiyat al-qubūr). In illuminating the ideology behind these acts, this talk will explain the current destruction of graves in the Islamic world and trace the ideological sources of iconoclasm in their historical perspective.