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    • 2017-11-10 15:00 ~ 16:30
德國巴伐利亞邦立圖書館館長Klaus Ceynowa博士演講

演講者:德國巴伐利亞邦立圖書館館長Klaus Ceynowa博士

演講主題:Content in Context - collections and services in the digital world.

Experiences and examples from theBavarian State Library

演講時間:11月10日(五)15:00~16:30 (含Q&A)



Librariesas memory institutions and infrastructures for science have for the most partaccomplished the digital transformation. For some people, the seeming dichotomybetween the allegedly good old world of the printed book, which still featuredreaders and dignified education, and the world of the ubiquitous digital, whichis often perceived to be dangerous and in which we are flooded with data andstimuli and therefore confusedly wander about, might still stir heateddiscussions. For libraries, that dichotomy is long gone.

Today andin the future, the libraries’ concern is to let knowledge contents “do theirwork” in the various innovative and – more of than not – mobile user scenariosof the internet. In this regard, the contents’ format is not relevant. The newmantra is “content in context”.  In thisrespect, the focus lies as much on knowledge, learning and research as onculture and education for everyone. The big challenge for the libraries oftomorrow is the trend that that textual culture will more and more disappear. Itwill be replaced by the new knowledge paradigm of the data stream which isdynamic, multimedia and constantly changing, and out of which innovative andinspiring new services and applications can be build.



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